Ohio Brush Creek

Embark on an adventure at Ohio Brush Creek, where the thrill of water activities awaits. Whether you're seeking the serenity of a leisurely paddle in a canoe or the exhilaration of navigating the waterways in a kayak, this picturesque haven offers an exciting experience for everyone.

While on your excursion, you may be surrounded by the sight of an eagle gracefully soaring through the skies, a majestic great blue heron wading through the waters, a busy beaver constructing its dam, a playful raccoon exploring the shoreline, and, on occasion, unexpected visits from crawdads or a lovely river otter. These unplanned encounters with native wildlife made your trip not only interesting but also highly enjoyable.

We offer 4.5 mile and 7.5 mile trips   On OBC


Island Adventures

Wanna go island hopping in Ohio?  Like taking part in kayak challenges?  At MoonDoggie LIVERee kayak rentals are available to do just that! 

The Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge has teamed up with the National Park Service for the Island Kayak Challenge!!  Get out there and post your pics today!!

We offer short, 3 mile runs to the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge in Manchester, Ohio at Manchester Islands 1 & 2.  If you are looking to make a day on the OYO and want to add a third island to explore take the 8 miles trip from Brush Creek Island back to Kinfolks Landing!

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Have your own kayak, easy access  for you to explore on your own at Kinfolks Landing and Ohio River Islands, Island Creek Public Access.

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Guided Paddles

Guided paddles featuring American and Ohio history and the geological biodiversity of the Ohio Valley coming soon!

Group Event

Have a group event and need yaks to make it extra memorable
~~up to 20 boats are available for delivery *Contact For Details.