Welcome to MoonDoggie LIVERee, your basecamp for adventure on the Edge of the Appalachian Front.  Nestled in Adams County, OH along the sacred waters of Ohio Brush Creek that runs serpent like through our picturesque landscapes, we invite you to discover the MAGIC THAT HAPPENS WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, the natural beauty & BIODIVERSITY of this hidden gem in Ohios Appalachia.

At MoonDoggie LIVERee, we offer more than just kayak and canoe rentals and shuttle services on  OBC and the Ohio River.  Sitting just 1 mile off The Buckeye Trail, National Scenic North Country Trail, and The American Discovery Trail, we also offer shuttles, camping and adventure planning for the thru, circuit or section hikers in The Appalachian Foothills Chapter of BT.

Our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable adventures as you explore through one of Ohio’s most biologically and geologically diverse places, on the roads, rivers or trails of The Appalachian Front!

Adventure Awaits